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A modern enterprise, but with tradition

1966: Development an production of machinery to automate sewing machinery.
Various successful developments were patented and subsequently built world-wide under licence. Hence, machines totalling more than 6000 were sold / produced across the world for the automatic sewing-on of pockets into garments such as shirts and trousers.

1984: the range of equipment was expanded to include automation of pay –off systems and component handling system. Our machine quality developed and this resulted in an increased acceptance and output on a world- wide basis.

1997: Our factory site location moved from Osnabrück over to Espelkamp.

1998: The production and assembly area of the factory was extended to 5000qm.
Texmato commanded it’s own mechanical completion systems using the modern machinery available, including a shaping / profiling department.
Which contained machinery for the supply of seat padding / pillows for the automobile – industry.

2005: The company was taken over by the three equal-rights companies.
Also, Texmato took over the range of special machines construction and can therefore quote customers a very wide range of equipment and solutions.

2006: The Auerbach Bending m/c company was taken over. The range of bending m/cs was expanded from 2006 till 2012 as was the range of special machines. This enabled complex bending processes to be incorporated into future planed machinery /

2012:Two of the three equal-rights companies left Texmato. R+R Maschinenbau is now sole shareholder.